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What are characteristic of hearing impairment and deafness in a human being?
Hearing impairment can be explained in different ways. If the person does not understand communication in a group or social medium like normal hearing it meant, he has hearing loss in ears or hearing impairment. On the basis of hearing capability, there are some hearing impairment types and different causes. The characteristics of hearing impairment and deafness are generally similar regardless of the type of cause.

Common characteristics of hearing impairment and deafness.

·         Hearing impairment does not have normal hearing while watching television or radio very high pitch of the sound. It is the first characteristics of hearing impairment.
  • ·         When a person in the noisy environment has problem understanding speech of peers.
  • ·         He has a mindset others are mumbling.
  • ·         People are facing telephone or mobile communication.
  • ·         Difficulty in group discussion, meeting.
  • ·         Due to the characteristics of hearing impairment avoid the social situation.
  • ·         Avoid attending any social event like marriage, birthday.
  • ·         The most common characteristics of hearing impairment sensorineural hearing impairment and this type of ability to hear very loud sound create irate to others.
  • ·         People with high-frequency hearing impairment characteristics often miss the child, female sound.
  • ·         Certain sounds like f, v, th,s.sh, difficult to understand.
  • ·         Beeping sound at home like an electronic gadget with timer setting like oven.
  • ·         Cars indication and sometimes horn.

Characteristics of hearing impairment in children and deafness.

In children characteristics of hearing impairment and deafness detected at the time of birth that call as OAE screening for hearing test. Parent knew the condition to detect hearing loss in child and precaution.

Detail symptoms of hearing impairment in children.
  • ·         Speech delay and development in the child.
  • ·         Learning disability check with a psychologist for diagnosis.
  • ·         In school does not have attention and poor study.
  • ·         Child does not respond any loud sound around.
  • ·         Child does not identify sound and a null reaction of any sound.
  • ·         Behavioral like hyper and irritation problem.

Characteristics of hearing impairment in child and adult are very troublesome for life. If you found any above symptoms immediately call or visit hearing care clinic for the hearing impairment treatment early before life going to screw you.

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Best Sensorineural Hearing Loss Treatment.

Hearing loss: It is an ear related disorder and also called for Hearing impairment. In this disorder is the patient hear partially or complete hear the loss in single or both the ears. In children also can happen hearing loss then it affects complete language disorder in speaking issue and has challenges to do the daily routine work life. In old age, hearing loss face by old people due to hearing cells damage and they always feel lonely in the world and more frustration in their life. But educated think about the problem and gift them a hearing aid for the overcome hearing loss because it does not have treatment and it is permanent in their life.

Hearing Loss Treatment and Causes.

We understand the Hearing Loss but it may be caused by a number of factors. The person normal hearing is 25 Decibel.
  •    When a person comes continuous exposure to noise like heavy machine sound, factory machines, Blast, Gun.
  •    Ear infection like pus wound, not proper cleaning of ears.
  •    Time of Birth complication.
  •    Genetics
  •    Old age
  •    Trauma to the ear.
  •    Medication and toxins.

Hearing Loss Precautions.
  • ·         Hearing loss is curable in some conditions.
  • ·         If you take care of the mother at pregnancy.
  • ·         Avoid loud sound for damage the ear.
  • ·         Avoid high power allopathic medicine.
  • ·         If you are music lover use branded headphones for listening     music.
  • ·     Everyday proper and smooth cleaning of ear help of cotton or earbuds.
  • ·         Yearly check up with your Audiologist and Ear doctors.

There are mainly three types of Hearing Loss-Sensorineural Hearing Loss, Conductive Hearing Loss, and Mixed Hearing Loss.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss:

Sensory hearing disorder typically happens as 

a consequence of broken or deficient Cochlear hair cells. Cochlear Hair cells are also abnormal at birth or broken throughout the time period of a private. There is a unit each external causes of injury, together with noise trauma, infection, and toxic medication, additionally as intrinsic causes, together with genetic mutations. a standard cause or intensifying think about the sensory hearing disorder is prolonged exposure to environmental noise, for instance, being during a loud geographic point while not carrying protection, or having headphones set to high volumes for a protracted amount. Exposure to an awful clap like a blast will cause the noise-induced hearing disorder.

Conductive Hearing Loss: 
Conductive hearing disorder happens once there's a tangle

conducting sound waves anyplace on the route through the external ear, membrane (eardrum), or tympanic cavity (ossicles). This kind of hearing disorder could occur in conjunction with the sensorineural hearing disorder (mixed hearing loss) or alone.

Mixed Hearing Loss: 

The mixed hearing impairment may be a combination of semiconducting and sensorineural hearing impairment, which implies there's injury in each the outer or middle and within the inner ear parts. This sort of hearing impairment ranges in severity from gentle to profound.  For individuals with mixed hearing impairment, sounds may be each softer in volume and harder to grasp.


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